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Why You Should Review Your Moving Company Online

Moving your company takes a lot of organization, logistics, and time. Having a professional moving company that can manage your move well is a huge help and relieves much of the pressure and stress from you and your employees. After a pleasant experience with an efficient moving company, you’ll be amazed at the lack of downtime and hiccups in your business processes. This amazement can sometimes be a fleeting thought before you’re ready to devote all of your attention once again on business operations, but there are several reasons to keep your eye on the moving company just a little longer. From expressing support or concerns to helping a local business, taking an extra five minutes to review your moving company online can make a world of difference to many people.

Reasons to Review Your Moving Company Online

Express Any Support or Concerns

Leaving an online review gives you the option to express any support or concern over the services you received and possibly even have them addressed. Moving companies, like all businesses, don’t want their clients to be unhappy. When companies discover that a client or customer had a poor experience, they are sure to do their best to correct the problem. Providing an online review gives the moving company an opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience that occurred to you or explain the reasoning behind their choices. This way the moving company will be able to see and make an effort to correct a problem for you and future clients.

If you really liked the way a moving company performed part of the service or handled a situation that arose, post a review about it online. The moving company will be grateful for your feedback because it will help them to continue providing excellent service. Running a business yourself, you are sure to know the happiness it brings to you and your employees when a customer is satisfied. Your moving company will be glad to see you’re happy with the services and be able to pass on the positivity.

Help Others Make Decisions

According to BrightLocal, 92 percent of people read online reviews and use them to help make decisions about whether or not they want to do business with a company. With that in mind, you can help other people looking for a good moving company make a decision about whether or not to use the one you used. Whether you had a good experience or a bad experience with your moving company, relaying it in an online review can help make or break someone else’s experience when moving. Your review can be the linchpin review that helps someone make a decision on a big choice.

Your\ can answer questions when you review your moving company online. Answer Questions

Reviewing your moving company online can help answer questions many others have about the moving process or that particular moving company. When you were in the process of picking a moving company yourself, you probably had your own questions and performed research to find the information you needed. You may have looked on their website, on Google, and even on their social media pages to find the information. Each platform undoubtedly had information from others about the moving company, their process, and the how they perform their services. You can be a part of providing information to others and help answer the less obvious questions that arise when a company wants to relocate.

Help Local Business

Due to many people making decisions about a company based on online reviews, reviewing your local moving company online can support the business and the local community. When you have a good experience with a local company and share it with others, you are allowing them to have a good experience while also supporting someone in your community and their business. Posting an online review about your moving company can go a long way in the local business world.

Reviewing your moving company online has many benefits to you, the movers, and others looking to relocate their business. It can help provide good business, stress-free moves, and healthy business relationships.


Work with The Quality Group

At The Quality Group, we’re your commercial relocation specialists. Founded in 1987 in New Orleans, LA, The Quality Group serves the Gulf States with comprehensive commercial moving services from move planning to furniture installation. No other company puts in the time or preparation that we do to make your move stress and hassle-free.

Turnkey Movers

The Quality Group is an All-Inclusive Moving Company

Every business owner understands that moving offices is an enormous undertaking. Effectively planning for a smooth and efficient moving day requires time, resources, and manpower that most companies simply don’t have. Professional moving companies can significantly cut down on the stress and hassle of a complicated move. But why shop around for multiple moving companies that only offer options for part of the process? Here are some ways that The Quality Group can help relieve these burdens, acting as a one-stop-shop for all of your commercial moving needs and allowing your business to focus on present, day-to-day operations and not on future moving duties:

Move Planning

From our very first meeting, we begin to formulate a customized, unique strategy to move your business in the most efficient and effective way possible. The Quality Group takes an all-inclusive moving approach when creating your moving plan, working backwards from the exact date you wish to start business in your new office and location. From there we can successfully plan out the best time to begin the moving process, and handle all obstacles in between.

Project Management

The all-inclusive move includes project managementOur highly experienced and dedicated team works with you to oversee all components of your company’s move to ensure a smooth transition. This supervision and control of personnel, resources, and time allows for a positive moving experience that fosters trust between our clients and us. The most important move we’ll ever do is yours, and we promise to deliver on our claims.

Facility Installation

The Quality Group guarantees a timely, safe, stress-free, and all-inclusive moving job every time. From handling landlords and property owners before the moving has begun, to cleaning up after ourselves once the moving has completed, we take pride in making your experience as easy as possible. Leave the logistics and resource handling to us, and we promise a productive moving experience for your business.

Vendor Coordination

Still looking for a new location, or in need of assistance building new furniture? The Quality Group has developed an extensive network of professional resources throughout the southeast to assist in all aspects of your company’s unique move. From packaging supplies to office space optimization, we gather and organize all elements of your move to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

Furniture Install

The Quality Group can install funiture with their all-inclusive moveThe Quality Group’s extensive knowledge of industry practices and standards allows us to understand the ins and outs of your company’s unique office situation. Pulling from decades of commercial moving project experience, we know just about every way to assemble furniture. Whether you are looking to optimize your work space layout with new furniture, or need all of your equipment re-assembled and re-wired following a move, The Quality Group recognizes what it takes to get your business up and running as soon as possible.

Don’t leave the transition of your company during this vital time in the hands of multiple entities. You need a single, turnkey moving specialist that understands your business and its unique needs, coupled with an extensive knowledge of the moving process workflow. Pulling from years of client trust and strict deadline adherence, The Quality Group is the only solution your business needs for its next move.

Large Office Move

Coordinating a large office move can be stressful and time consuming. There is a lot to plan and many matters to consider. You need to worry about what day to start getting items together, how to unload when you get to the new office, and how to continue operations during that time. The Quality Group can ease your stress with your large office move by coordinating and executing the entire process. With our proven relocation formula that provides a seamless transition, we will move your large office with precision and efficiency.

We dedicate our resources to your large officeEquipment

No office is too large for The Quality Group to relocate. Our consultants start each move by determining the size of your relocation and what equipment will be needed to ensure your office is moved safely and securely. Our large inventory and many resources allow us to move your items in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. When we move your large office, all of our resources are dedicated to you until you are comfortably settled into the new place.

No Cost Surprises

Your large office may have hundreds of pieces of equipment that need special attention during a move. This may bring you to worry about the cost of the move increasing as it progresses, but that doesn’t have to be the case. We use our expertise and outside resources to anticipate challenges. When you move with The Quality Group, you get our not-to-exceed pricing principle, which means we try our hardest to refrain from adding unexpected fees. We tell you the expected price upfront and work within the quote.

Effective Process

Our proven process delivers an efficient move with little to no down time. Our consultants assess your large office and coordinate our three teams to create an efficient move with no wasted time. We provide a relocation plan specific to your large office needs and factor in everything, even the weight capacity of the elevator, to deliver you your ideal customized move. Our process leaves you with no worry, as we organize and plan the entire process based on when you want to be in the new office.

Additional ServicesWe offer additional services during your large office move

Your new office is obviously going to be different than your old office. It will have a different number of rooms, different dimensions, and a different flow. You might be unsure as to how you want your new furniture to be arranged or if you even want it anymore. If you don’t want the hassle of deciding how to arrange the furniture, leave it to the Quality Group. We can optimize and organize your new large office based on your needs or manage your furniture until you decide. We can provide new furniture customized to your office or store your furniture that you are unsure what to do with. Let us know how we can help and we will provide you with exactly what you need.

The Quality Group can move any sized office, from 1,000 to 400,000 square feet and beyond. We can relieve your moving stress and relocate your business into the new office with a customized plan so you can focus solely on your business. Your relocation doesn’t have to be stressful when you move with The Quality Group.

Make Moving Easy and Find Movers That Help you From Start to Finish

When figuring out what commercial relocation company you’re going to choose for your business’ move, you have a lot of questions. How long will it take? What if it rains? What if my furniture doesn’t fit in my new space? But, the ultimate question may be “how much work do I have to do?”

When you move your business, there are so many things that you need to get done. After choosing your commercial relocation company, you have to coordinate employees, coordinate vendors and decide how you want your new office to be set up. You shouldn’t have to worry about what item goes in what box and how this piece of furniture breaks down.




While choosing a commercial moving company, we always suggest that you ask them a lot of questions, just so you know what exactly you’re getting yourself (and your business) into. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with another unexpected thing to do.

So, in our opinion, the most important question you need to ask your commercial mover is: “do I have to pack up my office, or can you help?” And the answer should be, “no problem, we can help, that’s our job.” If it’s not, you might want to look for a company that can help with that process. You don’t want to be stuck coordinating all the moving parts of the relocation and packing up at the same time. That will only create a recipe for chaos and confusion.

At The Quality Group, we invest our time not only in your commercial relocation, but in your business. Our team is qualified to strategically and safely help you pack your business’ furniture, computers and everything else business-related so that you don’t have to lift a finger.




We’re familiar with most major furniture brands, and in addition, we’re certified to install equipment from Allsteele, Knoll, Haworth, HON, JSI, Kimbal, Herman Milller, and more. So, when we’re packing up your furniture and other office equipment, we know exactly how it works and the best way to safely and effectively transport it to your new location.

So, when it’s time for your business to relocate, ask your commercial movers what your job during the move needs to be. Use this information to help you decide on who your commercial mover should be, and to help better prepare yourself and your business for your upcoming move.


Work with The Quality Group

At The Quality Group, we’re your commercial relocation specialists. Founded in 1987 in New Orleans, LA, The Quality Group serves the Gulf States with comprehensive commercial moving services from move planning to furniture installation. No other company puts in the time or preparation that we do to make your move stress and hassle-free.


How Movers Determine the Price of Your Office Move

We’ve all been there. Reviewing your final bill for a service and noticing some extra charges you weren’t aware of. You get frustrated and call the company and ask about these extra charges. The time spent and the frustration you felt just isn’t worth putting yourself through.

We want to walk you through how moves are priced because we want to make sure at the end of your move, when you get the final bill, there are no unexpected charges. You need to be told what you’re paying for up front, no questions asked.

The pricing for commercial moves is affected by distance. If you’re moving right around the corner, your commercial move won’t be as expensive as moving from Baton Rouge to Shreveport, for instance.

In addition to charging by distance, there are a few more things that can affect your final bill. Usually, local movers will charge you by the hour. So, you need to think about how far you and your company is moving, and also take into account how much time it will take to move your business’ furniture, computers and everything else into your new office building and out of your old one.




Something else you probably haven’t thought about is the weight of the items your moving having an effect on the cost. Well, it does. Long distance movers will charge you per pound. If you’re a heavy machinery distributor, expect your move to cost a little extra because of the materials the movers will have to transport. It’s something you don’t necessarily think about, but it does make sense. It wouldn’t be fair to consumers if the heavy machinery distributor’s move cost the same as a company with your typical office furniture. Don’t get me wrong, office furniture can be heavy, but compared to heavy machinery, it’s like lifting and moving feathers.

Lastly, if you’re moving internationally, expect to be charged by cubic foot. So what exactly does this mean? Basically, this means that your international moving company will charge by volume of a three-dimensional space. They’ll charge you for the capacity that your moving boxes, appliances, furniture, and anything else you move will take up.




You shouldn’t be left in the dark when it comes to paying for a service. You deserve to know what you’ll be charged and how you’ll be charged. So, ask the questions to your moving company about their pricing and that will help you determine how much your total move will cost. Don’t let there be any surprises, ask questions and get answers.


Work with The Quality Group

At The Quality Group, we’re your commercial relocation specialists. Founded in 1987 in New Orleans, LA, The Quality Group serves the Gulf States with comprehensive commercial moving services from move planning to furniture installation. No other company puts in the time or preparation that we do to make your move stress and hassle-free.