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Commercial Movers in Baton Rouge Offer Tips for Packing Electronics

Relocating an office requires planning and forethought. It can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Packing all the knickknacks on desks is the easy part. There are still chairs, files, desks, computers, and plenty of electrical devices that need attending to. Businesses depend on technology to accomplish their everyday duties. Computers, printers, and copiers are important equipment need to handle the daily tasks of running the company. Because of their importance, great care should be taken to ensure your electronics arrive safely. The professional commercial movers in Baton Rouge at The Quality Group can help you with that by packing up your delicate pieces of equipment, transporting them, and unpacking them.

Suggestions for Packing Your Office Equipment

If you choose to pack up your computers, copiers, and other electronics, utilize these suggestions to reduce potential damage:

  1. Review the owner’s manual. Remember that handy little book you probably didn’t read? It is full of helpful information for safe storage and packing. It will give guidelines about moisture, outside temperature, and exposure to sunlight.
  2. Back up data. Before powering down your computer in preparation for the move, it makes sense to back up all data to the cloud or on an external hard drive. If the equipment gets damaged, you can still access vital data.
  3. Remove batteries and ink cartridges. Batteries can overheat, corrode, or leak during a relocation. It’s a good idea to pull out all batteries and put them in a safe place until you unpack. It’s also important to remove ink cartridges from printers to keep them from potential damage.
  4. Color code unplugged cables. Even if the designated individual on your team has an excellent memory, it can be frustrating trying to hook computers back up after the move. Using color coding can ease this frustration.
  5. Grab the vacuum. Keep dust from getting trapped in crevices during the move by vacuuming keyboards and fan vents.
  6. Wrap things up. After all this prep work, grab bubble wrap or towels to wrap up your electronics. It’s a good idea to cover vents and fans with a piece of paper. This will prevent loose particles from infiltrating the openings.
  7. Pack up the electronics. Ideally, you will want to pack your equipment in its original boxes. If those are unavailable, use sturdy boxes and pack things tightly to prevent shifting.

Commercial Movers Make Transporting Electronics Simple

Take the stress out of your office move when you enlist the services of The Quality Group. Our team of professionals has the experience and knowledge needed to come in, pack up everything, move it, and unpack it safely. We can even plan and manage your move from Day One to Day Done. Give us a call today!

Call The Quality Group at 833-756-0103 to book our commercial movers in Baton Rouge. You can also contact us online or stop by our office to get a free quote.

Checklist for Moving Your Medical Office

Moving a commercial office is already a huge undertaking, but medical facilities are much more challenging. These offices and laboratories have delicate instruments and equipment that must be handled with care. You need to know that your medical office moving experience goes off without a hitch, especially when you have patients depending on you. The Quality Group has the expertise to meticulously pack up your equipment, office furniture, and files, transport them, and unpack them effortlessly. We will have your new office ready quickly so you can serve your patients. Having a checklist ensures you have a seamless transition.

Medical Office Moving Checklist

If you are considering relocating your practice or another medical facility, use this checklist to keep you on task:

  1. Find the right new location: Not every office for lease is beneficial to a medical practice. Sometimes it makes sense to build from scratch. To aid you in your search, consider utilizing the services of a commercial real estate broker specializing in medical spaces. They’re better equipped to understand a medical practice’s unique needs and requirements.
  2. Choose a quality medical office moving company: Do not try to move your laboratory on your own. Trained professionals understand how to disassemble sensitive equipment, pack it, and safely move it to the new location. They can also handle the relocation of other equipment like exam tables, office furniture, workstations, and IT equipment.
  3. Order new printed materials: You need appointment cards, prescription pads, and letterhead with your new address. You will probably need new signage, too. Work with a quality printer a couple of months ahead of time to ensure you have what you need when you are in the new facility.
  4. Notify vendors and payees of the address change: It’s wise to make a list of who you need to alert to your address change. For example, you need to notify Medicare, Medicaid, and In-Network providers. Other vendors need to know where your new office is, including attorneys, bankers, insurance representatives, medical waste disposal, and billing services.
  5. Prepare patients for the move: This step requires several different ways of notifying your patients. You can start with signs in and around your current office. You may add a notice to your phone greeting or publish a statement in the local newspaper. Additional notifications include email, mail, website, social media accounts, and in-person appointments.

Make the Move Easy – Choose Reliable Medical Office Movers

Take the time to thoroughly plan your medical office move and seek out the services of The Quality Group. Our team is well-trained and ready to handle your medical office moving process. We have the experience to handle all aspects of your relocation, including managing the entire moving operation. Contact us today for more information.

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Helpful Checklist for Your Baton Rouge Office Relocation

Relocating your business is a significant undertaking. You have to find the right place and let employees and customers know. Not to mention the myriad of other tasks that need to be done before you can enjoy your new location. Keeping up with this massive project while doing your job is a lot easier when you enlist the services of The Quality Group. Our Baton Rouge office relocation services make things simple for you.

We carefully plan your move and can assist with reconfiguring your new space for optimal efficiency. You enjoy a single point of contact to ensure you know what is happening every step of the way.

6 Items to Make Your Office Relocation Seamless

Listing all the bits and pieces that need to be accomplished before your move can be overwhelming. Here is a helpful checklist to make your office relocation virtually seamless:

  1. Look for a new office: Whether you do this yourself or hire a realtor, you need to find a new location that fits your business needs. For example, your customers may require easy access to the street. Your employees will want a site that is still accessible to get to with available parking.
  2. Consider all your leasing options: Each landlord will have different leasing options. You will want to consider all of them. Look at timelines and requirements. Considering the company’s future needs will also help you determine if the lease requirements will fit your plans.
  3. Work out a moving budget: Moving costs money, so you need a budget covering all the moving expenses. Costs include hiring a moving company, moving supplies, and short-term storage if required.
  4. Give employees a heads-up: It’s not advisable to spring the move on your employees the week before it happens. Give them time to adjust to the changes and how it affects them.
  5. Coordinate the moving of all technical equipment: Talk with your IT department about moving computers and servers. They can plan what to move, what can be donated or given away, and what to transfer over.
  6. Hire a reliable office relocation company: Save yourself headaches by hiring a relocation company like The Quality Group. We eat, breathe, and sleep office moving. We can pack up your office, move it, and reassemble it, taking the burden off you.

Reliable Office Relocation Services for Peace of Mind

Move your office with ease when you hire The Quality Group. We offer a single point of contact for effective communication of all aspects of your project. Look to us for professional relocation planning with on-site consultations, floorplans designed for the best ergonomics and workflow, and experienced movers for every move. Our goal is to give you a stress-free move while minimizing downtime for your team. Contact us today to learn more.

Call The Quality Group at 833-756-0103 to learn more about our office relocation services. Contact us online or stop by one of our offices in Jackson, MS, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge, LA, to get a free quote.


What Do Hotel FF&E Installers Do?

Building a new or refurbishing an old hotel takes time and strategic planning to ensure everything is accomplished on time. You have many different parties involved. If you step back for a minute, the buzz going on with the contractors, subcontractors, and project managers will remind you of a bee hive. Except that bees have an excellent way of communicating among the swarm. Each one knows their place and what their function is. The Quality Group’s team of hotel furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) installers knows their role within the project and understands the importance of communication.

When you need to know that your newly painted walls will not be scuffed, hire The Quality Group. Our highly trained team is skilled in maneuvering hotel furniture components in tight spots. We take great care to leave your place in better shape than when we arrived.

An Overview of Hotel FF&E Installer Functions

If you have never hired a crew of hotel FF&E installers, you may not realize the benefits they bring. In general, you can expect our team to do the following:

  1. Careful delivery: We will deliver your furniture to your location. Let us do all the heavy lifting and moving of mattresses, bed frames, dressers, and more in your new hallways and elevators. Make no mistake, though. We know how to move nimbly around corners. Our goal is to leave no trace behind of a hectic move.
  2. Efficient assembly: Our group of professionals is highly trained to assemble the most popular furniture brands. We will efficiently unpack, put together the pieces, and pick up after ourselves.
  3. Proper documentation: With so many different pieces coming into your facility, you need to know you have everything. The Quality Group understands that documentation is vital; therefore, we keep excellent records for you.
  4. Effective FF&E placement: Hotel rooms with an average of 325 square feet are not large. We can handle the given dimensions with ease. Because of the limited square footage, strategic placement is vital.
  5. Continuous communication: You need to know what is happening at your hotel. You don’t have to worry when we’re on the job. We get it, and work continuously to communicate project happenings.

Rest Easy with Hotel FF&E from a Preferred Commercial Mover

Make your new build or renovation easier on your nerves when you work with the professionals at The Quality Group. You can expect a team that understands your needs and works seamlessly to accomplish the job. We have fully trained and screened movers, installers, and supervisors ready to aid you. Trust that we will take special care to reduce staff and guest disruptions and install your furniture, fixtures, and equipment. We also offer project management to take more of your burden away. Learn more when you contact us today.

Call The Quality Group at 833-756-0103 to learn more about our hotel furniture, fixtures, and equipment installation services. Contact us online or stop by one of our offices in Jackson, MS, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge, LA, to get a free quote.

6 Tips for Effective Commercial Space Planning of Your New Office

Moving an office can be stressful and hectic. With all the different facets of relocating, it’s easy to overlook one of the exciting parts—the setup. Setting up a new office is like having a blank canvas you can create a masterpiece with. Now is the chance to maximize functionality of your space and encourage more productivity for your team. Sometimes though, the blank canvas can be intimidating. Hiring the services of a professional moving company like The Quality Group takes the pressure off of you because the years of experience working to your advantage.

Designing your new office doesn’t need to be frustrating or overwhelming. The Quality Group understands the nuances of effective commercial space planning. We handle all aspects to make your move simpler. Our professionals come in, take measurements, and provide you with a layout to fit your company’s needs.

How to Gain Effective Use of a New Office When Planning

Embrace your new office location by following these six tips:

  1. Ask Your Team for Input: There are many different approaches to setting up a new office space. Asking for input from those that regularly use the area gives you insight on how to make better use of the space. Do they want stand-up desks? Do some need new ergonomic chairs? They will let you know.
  2. Make Comfort a Priority: You and your employees spend at least 40 hours a week working so why not make it comfortable? Look into furniture that supports people’s physical needs. For example, invest in desk chairs with several adjustment options to fit different heights, weights, and shapes. Consider the existing natural lighting options and add fixtures where needed.
  3. Look into the New Space’s Capacity: One practical aspect of office space planning is the capacity of the actual space. How many employees can it fit comfortably? The answer to this question will determine if you can do an open concept or if cubicles are needed.
  4. Consider Existing Fixtures: What is already in the new location? Where are the restrooms and fire extinguishers located? What about steps, entryways, and windows? Many of these cannot be moved, so your new plans need to consider these fixtures.
  5. Remember Government Requirements: Each municipality has specific regulations that affect how an office can be set up. These include blocking fire exits, installing ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) power outlets, and more.
  6. Hire a Professional Office Space Planner: Why add more to your work load when you can pull in the services of an experienced office space planner? The Quality Group will assess your new location, talk with you about your needs, and create a plan to make your team happy.

Choose the Best in Commercial Space Planning

Make your move simple. Hire The Quality Group to design an efficient workspace for your team. We have the experience you can trust to ensure your new office is set up with your company’s needs in mind. Learn why companies across Mississippi and Louisiana seek our services!

Call The Quality Group at 833-756-0103 to learn more about our commercial space planning service. Contact us online or stop by one of our offices in Jackson, MS, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge, LA, to get a free quote.


Tips for a Smoother Office Relocation

Moving can be a stressful event when it’s your personal residence. Relocating your office is an entirely different process that requires significant pre-planning. The earlier you plan, the better. Your team will thank you as the big day approaches because you chose to enlist professional business moving services found at The Quality Group. Our highly trained team understands the uniqueness of moving an office and provides a high level of support from beginning to end.

Suggestions to Make the Most of Your Office Move

Hiring a commercial moving company is an excellent start in ensuring the success of your impending relocation. Use these tips to make moving day a pleasant one to remember:

  • Schedule Mail Forwarding Early: As soon as you know your new address, work with your local post office to have business mail forwarded.
  • Alert Your Employees to the Move: The transition will affect your staff since they’ll wonder about details and their job status. Let them know when the move is official.
  • Work on Downsizing: Now is the perfect time to sort through desks and back storage rooms for those items you no longer need. The goal is not to take it all with you; instead, sort, donate, and discard to stay organized.
  • Look at the Workload and Try to Lighten It: Lighten the work as much as possible during the month in which you will be moving.
  • Hire a Qualified Business Moving Company: Look for a company with a full range of commercial moving services, including planning, to help make the transition easier.
  • Bring in Your IT Department: Ask your IT team to check out your new office space and make sure cables and outlets are ready.
  • Buy the Team Lunch: Make it easier on your team by catering an on-the-go lunch and providing nutritious snacks. It’s an easy morale booster.

Business Moving Services that Make Your Life Easy

Get the support you need for a successful moving day when you hire The Quality Group. We offer the right services for your unique needs, including:

  • Project Management: We will create a detailed relocation plan, design a layout for the new office, and manage each step of the moving process.
  • Moving Planning: We plan all details to ensure we anticipate any challenges.
  • Furniture Installation: We can handle dismantling and putting your office furniture together, fast.
  • Vendor Coordination: We work with excellent third-party vendors to help with IT installation, recycling, and removing unwanted equipment, among other services.
  • Office Relocation: We get you moved fast and easy with as little business downtime as possible.

Professional Moving Services Begin with Quality

Count on The Quality Group to step in and handle the hard work for your office relocation. Rest assured that you are in good hands with us. Look to us when you want a company that is:

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Highly trained and experienced
  • Ready to handle any move

Call The Quality Group at 833-756-0103 for complete information on our business moving services. Contact us online for more information about our office movers in New Orleans, Jackson, MS, and Baton Rouge, LA, for your convenience.

What You Want to Hear About Your Office Movers in New Orleans

When you hire office movers in New Orleans, you want to know that you can trust the people handling the details. At The Quality Group, we cover comprehensive relocation services from initial planning, to moving day, and post-move follow-up. Don’t take our word for it. Our customer testimonials speak volumes.

“I would recommend The Quality Group for commercial moves of any size. Their timing and precision in moving over 200 individuals from several satellite locations to a central site was seamless with no downtime. After the move, there has been follow up, tweaking areas at our request. Each of their employees showed both professionalism and courtesy throughout the move.” – Frankie Wynn, Director, H&E Equipment Services, Inc.

So, Just What Services Do We Offer?

From project management to dealing with vendors to help expediting your move, you can count on The Quality Group, the preferred office movers in New Orleans for a variety of businesses.

Our services include:

  • Project Management: We have logistics experts that handle moves throughout Louisiana. Whether you have a small or large organization, we provide guidance and advice on how to prepare for the move, then we execute the plan to perfection.
  • Office Furniture Installation: Putting together and taking apart modular furniture requires a certain skill. After thousands of successful relocations, our furniture installers have extensive experience with it. Let us handle the disassembly and assembly of cabinets, cubicles, and other modular office furniture for your move. We also coordinate with your IT group regarding any special instructions for disconnecting and reconnecting your electronic equipment.
  • Transportation Services: Our office movers in New Orleans include commercial drivers with excellent driving records. Rest assured that your assets and sensitive files will reach your new locations safely and securely.
  • Facility Installation Services: We can plan and execute office moves for clients in business, industrial, educational, and other industries.


“I use the Quality Group for all my facilities throughout the state of Louisiana. They never miss a deadline and their ability to work after hours allows my staff the luxury of no operational downtime. I would strongly recommend the Quality Group’s crew for any commercial activity.”- Blackie Rushing, Director of Facilities, Ford, Bacon & Davis

Reliable Office Movers in New Orleans

Do you need help with move coordination for multiple clients? We can coordinate multiple moves seamlessly and keep your clients happy.

“They do the job right the first time and take care of my clients’ floors and walls and doors. They are excellent furniture installers and movers.” – Annette Land Interiors, Stuart Office, West Monroe, LA

Call The Quality Group at 833-756-0103 to start the planning process with our exceptional office movers in New Orleans. We also have offices in Baton Rouge and Jackson, MS to serve you better. We would love to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers and positive testimonials.

The Best Commercial Movers in Baton Rouge are Also Relocation Project Managers

Are you looking for commercial movers in Baton Rouge? Why not choose the best in the business and have access to relocation project managers who can make life easier throughout the entire moving process? Whether you’re upsizing to a larger location or downsizing due to changes in your corporate structure, The Quality Group can help fit in the pieces so that everything comes together for a smooth transition to your new space.

Custom Moving Plan for Commercial Relocation

With a well-coordinated moving plan, you receive checklists and instructions for how to prepare for the move. Our team can assist with the details and help you troubleshoot any snags that come up along the way.

Here are some of the reasons customers love our move planning organizers and managers:

  • Written and organized relocation plan for you and your staff
  • Access to local architects, realtors, and other professionals who can help you find a location and get it for occupancy.
  • Careful Vintage Bodybuilding Ads of Yesteryear visiting the gym for the first time muscle building steroid stacks| bodybuilding supplement stacks | best legal steroid alternative – muscles attention to detail including measurement of the elevator and the building manager’s rules regarding moving.

Let our commercial movers in Baton Rouge deal with vendors, property owners, and other stakeholders to iron out the details and coordinate every step of the move.

Professional Move Project Management

From orchestrating employee communications to establishing high level project goals, our project managers can take care of everything from day-to-day logistics to tracking and reporting progress on the move project. While you focus on running the business, our staff charts and executes a plan of action including the following tasks:

  • Space planning and design
  • Relocation budgets
  • Color-coded floor plans
  • Modular furniture installation and reconfiguration
  • Timeline development
  • On-site supervision from start to finish
  • Post-move services
  • Decommissioning services for furniture and equipment (storage, donation, or disposal)

Along the way, we’ll check in regularly to find out what your pain points are. Our team concentrates on smoothing over issues as they arise. Often, we can make the move overnight so that your operations can continue seamlessly the next day.

Warehouse Services Available

Do you need a place to store your unused equipment, office furniture, and other assets? Ask about our secure, temperature-controlled warehouse. We’ll take care of your items until you’re ready to use them again or decide to sell or dispose of them. If you’d like to donate your office furniture equipment to local charities, we are happy to coordinate the details.

Call The Quality Group at 833-756-0103 to discuss your needs. Contact our commercial movers in Baton Rouge to ensure that your relocation goes smoothly, and to plan.

Lafayette, LA, Office Movers for Your Law Office

As an established law practice, you probably have a lot of physical assets in your office. From the big boardroom for client meetings and depositions, to several large filing cabinets, reference bookecases throughout the office, lunchroom equipment, and supplies for your hardworking team that regularly stays late and comes in early to pore over case files. Relocating these items will involve an enormous amount of organizing and packing. Hiring Lafayette, LA office movers with the right credentials, years of experience, and a proven track record is your solution to ensure a smooth and efficient move.

The Quality Group has experienced movers ready to wrap, bundle, load, and unload the equipment, furniture, storage and filing cabinets and other office assets essential to your law firm’s operations. We’re also experienced in taking down, securely packing, and moving all the diplomas certificates, plaques, and artwork you may have on the walls of your law office.

The Quality Group provides office relocation services when it’s convenient for you. You’ll also be provided a single point of contact and project manager to help ensure a smooth transition.

The Importance of Proper Packing

For the best Lafayette, LA, office movers, you need a team that pays close attention to details like The Quality Group. As part of our move planning services, we offer efficient packing services to safeguard fragile items, stationary supplies, and sensitive documents. When you leave the details to us, your inventory arrives in good condition with minimal to no breakage.

How does an organized and seamless move sound? When you partner with our able crew of office movers, you can check that box off from day one!

Timing the Move

Our Lafayette, LA, office movers understand that business doesn’t stop just because you need to move your office and everything inside it. We will schedule moving day around your business needs. For example, if you have client meetings for every weekend in the foreseeable future, our team will work with you to find the right time to make the move happen.

We understand that it’s important to schedule the move in a way that allows for maximum flexibility for your attorneys, paralegals, and partners working in your office.

The Right Office Movers for Law Firms

From the disassembly and reassembly of office furniture to hooking up printers, fax machines and phones, we have you covered.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing The Quality Group as your one-stop-shopping resource for everything associated with your law office’s move:

  • Single point of contact
  • On-site planning sessions
  • Fixtures installation
  • Superior workstation setup
  • Safe, secure moving vehicles
  • Fragile equipment and inventory handled with care
  • Disconnection/reconnection of computers, phones, and equipment
  • Expert modular furniture dismantling and reassembly


Call us at 833-756-0103 to book Lafayette, LA, office movers to move your law office. Note that we serve Lafayette clients from our Baton Rouge, LA, location. Our other offices in New Orleans, LA. and Jackson, MS, are also available for office moving services.