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Seamless Office Relocation

Discover more about our FF&E vendor coordination service when you're looking to move your business.

Moving a corporate office can go from exciting to disheartening all too quickly. Whether you’re scaling up or downsizing, moving in, or out, there are a lot of details to manage at any given time. Are you coordinating an office relocation? It’s time to start thinking about consulting with your local FF&E company. 

Utilizing an FF&E company can turn a hectic move into a stress-free groove. Hiring a team like The Quality Group takes the stress out of your hands and puts it in the care of our experienced move managers. The Quality Group coordinates with all the vendors associated with your relocation. This teamwork helps make your move as seamless as possible.

FF&E Vendor Coordination

The Quality Group has cultivated an extensive network of professionals throughout the Southeast. This network is vital when it comes to FF&E vendor coordination planning during your move. Office moves often require delicate planning and careful logistics. That’s why we have a dedicated team that meticulously designs your relocation formula. We plan and accommodate for all aspects of your business relocation. 

Information Technology: Our moving managers work directly with your IT support teams. We organize and schedule your electronic disconnect at your old location. We also offer secure transportation and reconnection at your new business location. Often, we find that clients have decided to upgrade their in-office technology. In that case, we offer IT recycling services to help you dispose of your old equipment. The Quality Group also coordinates the secure removal and destruction of hard drives. We use a process called ADD (Absolute Document Destruction). This ensures the sensitive data stored on these old devices is no longer accessible.

FF&E: It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on keeping your old pieces or getting new furniture. The Quality Group accounts for it all. If you’re keeping your furniture, there is no need to disassemble your large equipment yourself. Our employees are trained to handle a variety of trusted brands. The move plan we create will account for each piece of equipment, new or old. 

Property Management: Our move managers also work with your landlord or property manager to ensure you meet your lease departure requirements. That means we take care of all the subtle nuances that come with fulfilling your leases agreements. No need to stress about the little things—The Quality Group has you covered. 

Hire The Premier FF&E Company 

The Quality Group is your premier FF&E company in Louisiana. We make your move as seamless as possible through FF&E vendor coordination. On top of FF&E services, we also offer other services such as storage, relocation, logistics, and much more! Our experts are ready to help you with your renovations regardless of your company size—large or small. Get in contact with us to see what we can do for you. Give us a call at (833) 756-0103 or fill out a form online today! We look forward to hearing from you.

How Office Relocation Services Can Amp Up Your Business Game

Utilize our office relation services to get the easiest move you'll ever have.

Office relocations happen all the time. Everywhere you look online tells you moving your office is a long and daunting process that can take a very long time. Fortunately, that’s only half true. Office relocations do require a great deal of strategic planning and hardwork. But the benefits of moving your office drastically outweigh any negative oversights. 

Moving into a new office can give you the opportunity to make updates to your company’s brand. Relocations also give you the opportunity to refresh your employees morale as well as attract new talent. After all, the goal of your move is to grow your business, right? Well, The Quality Group can help with our office relocation services! With over 30 years of moving experience, we help strategize, delegate, and execute your entire office relocation. Are you ready to find out what an office relocation can do for your company?

Enhance Your Brand

Your office is a key tell-tale sign about what kind of business you are. When a client enters your office space, their first impression of your company is going to stick with them. It’s easy to differentiate young and quirky companies from something more traditionally based. Relocating your office gives you a chance to update or enhance your look as well as your brand

As your company grows so does your style and tone. As you make the shift to a new location you’ll have time to update your office to match your current brand’s message. Of course, you’ll want to hire an office relocation company to help with the transition into your new space. The Quality Group offers office relocation services that make your move as smooth as possible. 

Grow Your Company

The more space you have the larger you can grow your workforce. A nicer office will attract and help you retain a better talent pool as well. Either way you cut it, an office relocation opens new doors to improving your businesses situation. Changing your office environment is a signal of success- it shows that you’re not letting your company stagnate. A company that has recently moved into a better, brighter office looks impressive in the eyes of prospective employees and clients alike. 

You might also find when you change your employee’s environment you’ll notice a boost in morale. A brighter, more open environment gives employees a much needed breath of fresh air. It also gives you the opportunity to better understand how your employees collaborate with each other. Shifting where your employees’ offices are located can open up otherwise closed channels of communication. This might mean bigger and brighter ideas for your company.

Look No Further For Office Relocation Services

The Quality Group specializes in office relocation services. On top of moving, we also offer other services such as storage, relocation, logistics, and much more! Our experts are ready to help you with your move regardless of size—large or small, we move them all. Get in contact with us to see what we can do for you. Give us a call at (833) 756-0103 or fill out a form online today! We look forward to hearing from you.

What Qualities To Look For In a Corporate Moving Company

Do you know what qualities make a good corporate moving company in Jackson, MS? We can help!

Relocating your company is often an overwhelming task that requires a great deal of finesse. If you’re stressing about the logistics behind relocating your corporate space, fret no longer. The Quality Group is here to help. Hiring a corporate moving company in Jackson, MS alleviates the stress that comes with relocating. This means you’ll be able to focus your attention on more pressing matters. 

At The Quality Group, we’re committed to take the pressure of moving off your shoulders and get you back in business. We’re a full-service corporate moving company that makes moving your company easy as possible. Do you know what qualities to look for when choosing the right moving company for your business?


One of the more important qualities to look for in a moving company is the amount of experience they have. It’s better for you to opt for a moving company that has many meaningful years spent in the industry. The more years of service in a particular field means the more reliable the company tends to be. Also, the more time a company spends in a field, the more time they have to develop and refine their processes. The Quality Group has over 100 combined years of experience in commercial moving. That means we’ve had the opportunity to develop and perfect our moving process. 


Working with a moving company with a well-established reputation is key. A reliable company doesn’t keep you waiting and provides you with excellent customer service. Additionally, they treat your equipment with care and move your office within the timeframe given. 

To continue, a business’’s reliability is measured by their reviews and accreditation. Companies like Better Business Bureau can give you an idea about an organization’s standing. Also, be sure to check out reviews on review sites like Google and Angie’s List as well. There is nothing more indicative of a company’s reliability than testimonials from real customers!

We Do It All Ourselves

Finding a moving company that doesn’t use third-party companies to outsource work is a must. When a company uses multiple third-party service providers it’s easy for communication to break down and costs to skyrocket. A breakdown in communication during a move often results in many negative side effects. For example, these effects could range from deadlines not being met to lost equipment and more. 

The Quality Group takes pride in the fact we manage all aspects of a move, from start to finish. While we do work with landlords and other vendors, we do not use any third-party companies to complete your move. After all, our customers put their trust in us, not others.

In Need Of Corporate Moving in Jackson, MS?

The Quality Group is a team of specialized and experienced movers in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Jackson. As an FF&E vendor, we handle all kinds of requirements for moving. We also offer other services such as storage, relocation, logistics, and much more! 

Our experts are ready to help you with your move regardless of size—large or small, we move them all. If you would like to learn more about The Quality Group and what services we offer, contact us today! Feel free to contact us at (833) 756-0103 or fill out a form online to get in touch. We are here to help make sure your business relocates with ease.

Why You Should Hire Law Firm Moving Specialists in Louisiana

Why You Should Hire Law Firm Moving Specialists in Louisiana

Just like law firms specialize in certain types of law, moving companies specialize in certain types of moving. Family law is wildly different from corporate law. And residential moving differs drastically from commercial moving. Trust experienced moving specialists to relocate your law firm.

Moving Your Law Firm?

Congratulations! Moving to a new space is an exciting endeavor and represents a new chapter in your firm’s history. But anxiety often accompanies that excitement. There are so many details and processes required for such a task. Whether you’re moving across town or up two floors, your business is too important to leave to amateurs. Don’t hold moving in contempt. Moving specialists make the process go as smoothly as possible. Here are three reasons to consider hiring moving specialists to relocate your law firm.

Pass The Bar Over To Us.

We take your business and relocation very seriously. Your honor—and ours too—depends on it. This is why The Quality Group sets a high bar for all of our employees. Everyone answers to the same values of respect, professionalism, and results. From our on-the-ground moving team to our c-suite leadership. Our team ensures your furniture, fixtures, and even your technology are safely relocated. We also clean up your old space and will help navigate your leases and any other requirements.

Never Out Of Order.

The Quality Group is the only commercial moving specialist that gives you a timeline guarantee. We swear that you won’t have to adjust your schedule or lose valuable business time. Our staff is trained to disassemble and reassemble all types of cubicle furniture. We’ll also reconnect all computers, cords, and cables. Your team is up-and-running as quickly as possible. You likely have concerns about privileged information. Special procedures are in place to handle classified files, and we’ll brief you on it all.  

Look At The Evidence.

We know you want assurance your investment and your livelihood will be handled with care. The Quality Group has been serving Louisiana and Mississippi since 1987. We’ve had thousands of successful moves and satisfied customers. We won’t object to your special requests or deny your motions. We’re there to get you moved and back to work.

Trust The Law Firm Moving Specialists In Louisiana

Would you like to cross-examine? Ready to make your ruling? Contact The Quality Group or give us a call at 504-585-7309. We’re at the ready to give you more information or to get a free quote. And that’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Finest Company Moving Jackson Has Ever Seen

company moving jackson ms

Moving a business can be a real hassle, especially when it’s your own. Despite being founded in New Orleans, The Quality Group also extends our reach to Mississippi. You see, we focus on giving every company moving in Jackson the easiest experience possible. To simplify things, I guess you could also say that we’re a company-moving moving company. Try saying that ten times fast. You’ll have some difficulty saying it, but don’t worry, the actual process is easier than a tongue twister. Our satisfied customers can tell you that we carry out the finest company moving Jackson has ever seen.

What We Do At The Quality Group

Unlike company moving Jackson may handle, we manage more than just the move.

  • Project Management: We want to make this move as easy as possible for you. That’s why we use every resource at our disposal to ensure your move is not only on time but is also handled professionally.  
  • Move Planning: While anticipating every possibility and outcome, our team customizes a relocation plan specific to your company. Reaching out to building managers and landlords is just a part of what we do. Our team goes as far as to consider important details such as the weight limit and speed of your new elevators. We never want to have any delays—our goal is to move you in seamlessly.
  • Furniture Installation: We make you and your business our priority. Instead of just going in and dismantling things, we always make sure to have a coordinated plan beforehand. Once we decide on a plan, we move everything overnight and our certified employees reassemble your furniture and technology at your new location.
  • Vendor Coordination: We calculate and design every aspect of your move with the help of third-party vendors. Working hand in hand with everyone involved ensures safe electronic transfer, supply recycling, furniture handling, and equipment removal.
  • Facility Relocation: Dealing with landlords can be one of the worst parts of moving. Don’t worry though, we handle all of that! Our team always plans ahead to get everyone on the same page, so no toes are accidentally stepped on. Also, you’ll never have to realign your schedule because the plan comes with a timeline guarantee. That way, you’ll know exactly what’s going to happen and when it’ll happen.

No Company Is Too Small For Us To Move

Every specific feature of the move is important, down to location and how big your company is. But once we have all the information we need, you can sit back and relax while we make the magic happen. Moving a business can be a lot of work and we know the kind of stress that can put on a person. That’s why we’ve extended our services to Mississippi. You can find our Jackson location at 460 Briarwood Drive Suite 400 right off I-55. Too busy to come in? We understand! You’re trying to plan a company-wide move, after all. Call us instead at (601) 714-5671 or contact us here to send us a message.

The ABCs of Finding An FF&E Vendor in New Orleans

The ABCs of Finding An FF&E Vendor in New Orleans

FF&E is shorthand for furniture, fixtures, and equipment. It’s all the “stuff” in an interior space. The things that make it functional, as well as give it personality. These items ensure your workspace flows. The goal is to inspire your employees and impress your clients. In New Orleans, we expect all our spaces to be a little… unexpected. But functionality always comes first, no matter the industry. If you’re looking for an FF&E vendor in New Orleans, we can help!

FF&E for Business

In your typical office, FF&Es include fax machines, desks, and inspirational artwork. Depending on the layout, they might have cubicle furniture too. So it’s important to work with vendors and movers that know how to assemble your particular furniture quickly and securely.

FF&E For Healthcare

It might be safe to say that healthcare has the most “stuff” of almost any industry. All the many different pieces of medical equipment and hundreds of beds. As well as those little touches that help patients feel more at ease. Hospitals definitely need organized and experienced professional vendors to help furnish or relocate. Confidentiality and protecting sensitive information is of tantamount importance as well.

FF&E For Attorneys

Just like in healthcare, security is a big concern for attorneys. Their technology needs to be protected and they need their FF&E to lock up the hard copies as well. Filing cabinets, safes, and other locking furniture all needs to be purchased or safely relocated. Make sure your vendors understand the importance of guarding sensitive information.

FF&E For Tech

Technology isn’t limited to tech companies. These days, every business has to embrace it or be left behind. The strawberry farmer 30 miles outside of New Orleans needs online payment solutions. Your favorite bakeshop on Magazine Street cultivates a competitive social media presence. Big companies need a computer for every desk and Wifi access for every phone. That takes a lot of cords, coordination, and know-how. A good moving specialist team will unplug and replug all your tech at your new place. You shouldn’t lose a second of productivity.

Your FF&E Vendor in New Orleans

The Quality Group is a team of experienced and vetted moving specialists in New Orleans. Whether you’re moving your existing stuff or starting fresh, we can help—no matter the industry. We’ve served Louisiana and Mississippi with holistic, effective, and secure business moving services since 1987. We handle every aspect of your move—including coordinating with FF&E vendors. We’re skilled project managers, furniture assemblers, and technology navigators. Get started by calling 504-585-7309 or contacting us online. We do the work of moving so you can do your actual work.

Your Guide to Corporate Moving in New Orleans

corporate moving in new orleans

When it comes to corporate moving in New Orleans there are a lot of moving pieces. Not only do you have breakable items but if they are broken then it can be expensive to replace, especially if those pieces are computers.

That’s why you want to invest in the best moving team to ensure that your items are safe and sound. Our team not only will help you plan and implement your moving process, our team can even help you find new pieces to help plan your new office space. The Quality Group Specializes in commercial moving services that will make your move seem less surmounting. Looking for a little help? Here is your guide to corporate moving in New Orleans.

Make A Plan

The first step is to make a plan. At Quality Group, we work with you to determine the best plan to make sure that all your bases are covered. We plan the process down to the last detail to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Our experienced team knows what pitfalls to be on the lookout for and we make sure to prepare everything in advance to ensure a seamless process. All you have to do is contact us we’ll take care of the rest!

Install Furniture

Our team will install the furniture and even help you pick out new furniture if that’s what the job requires. We will go in and take down the existing furniture and reconstruct it at the new site. You won’t have to worry about a thing. Don’t stress about trying to reassemble that desk, we have you covered from chairs to desks and even the phones!

Coordinate With Vendors

Not only do we move furniture, we will move your computer, phones, and other items and reassemble them at your new location. We work directly with your IT team to ensure a seamless transition which means less time. At Quality Group, we understand that time is money and the importance of doing the job the right. You won’t have to skip on quality or time when you let us help you move.

Give Quality Group A Call Today

We want to help you have the best moving experience possible so you can focus on getting back to work after making the move. Corporate moving in New Orleans doesn’t have to be such a challenge. Let us make it easy! With The Quality Group, you can rest assured that your office is in good hands. Contact us online or give us a call at 504-585-7309 and we will take care of the rest!

Office Moving Services in Baton Rouge To Save You Time & Money

office moving services in baton rouge

Adding an office move to your expansive list of daily to-do’s at your company can seem daunting, tedious, and time-consuming. The Quality Group is here to bust the myth that moving is a long and painful process, by providing a professional and well-trained moving team who will care for your things like their own, a Project Manager who will be by your side every step of the process to ensure a smooth move, and a company whose reputation and experience in the commercial moving industry is unmatched. You need high-quality office moving services in Baton Rouge that will save you time and money. The Quality Group is the right choice.   

Local Office Moving Company

If your office is located in the Baton Rouge area, look no further than The Quality Group for your next office move. Hiring a local company saves you both time and money. We are well acquainted with the area, have many resources in Baton Rouge, and will be flexible with your schedule and needs.

Think about the different experiences you get in retail. A national or international clothing store vs a local boutique that has specialty items crafted by local designers is a different experience. The local boutique has a more personalized feel and experience. They also offer novel brands and styles that are unique to that boutique. The same goes with The Quality Group.

The Quality Group will provide a team of professionals that will work with you to meet your needs. We’ll find innovative solutions to your moving challenges, and get your business up and running again in no time.  

High Standard of Professionalism

Maintaining a high standard of professionalism is fundamental to our business and our success. At no point in time do we allow for complacency to disrupt our promise to you. Our Promise? To provide a painless move of any size with no operational downtime. How do we do this? We hold every one of our team members to the same standard.

Every employee, from the actual movers to the managers, represents the values that have made The Quality Group so successful. Each employee is required to undergo a comprehensive training program. This thoroughly prepares them for the challenges they may face on the job. It’s hard to do a high-quality job without a high-quality team, so that is why we ensure that our crew is properly trained and ready to take on any challenge.

Office Moving Services in Baton Rouge

The expression that “time is money” couldn’t be more accurate in our business. When you need to move offices, no operational downtime is ideal because at the end of the day the more time it takes to move the less time you are spending tending to your customers. If you are looking for a high-quality office moving services in Baton Rouge that will prioritize your time, money and belongings, contact The Quality Group today!

A 12-Step Guide To Moving Your Office

A 12-Step Guide To Moving Your Office, office moving company

We get it, moving can be extremely stressful. Trying to run a company while having constant commotion in the office during a move can be a bad combination. The Quality Group is here to help. No one wants their office to be shut down for days while the move happens at a glacial pace. 

The 12-Step Guide to Moving Your Office, Quickly & Efficiently

If you are responsible for planning the move for your company, here is a 12-step guide to moving your office.

Ask Questions

To accurately plan a move, you will need to know the who, what, when, where, and how much of your office relocation. Having a full scope of the what will be involved will give you an idea of how best to go about the moving process.  

Gather Moving Supplies

The “better safe than sorry” model most definitely applies to moving your office. Stocking up on moving supplies early on will help ease the process later on when it comes time to actually move. Some of the supplies you should look into buying include:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard boxes of various sizes
  • Zip ties
  • Markers
  • Boxcutters
  • Packing peanuts

These are just a few to start out with. Depending on your company and the scope of your move, you may need more or less.

Clean and Condense

To help the process move along quicker, it is important to encourage people to take home personal items so that they will not be in the way of movers and to ensure they do not get lost or damaged.

Rid Your Life of Extra Stress (Old or Damaged Furniture)

Our next step in the 12-step guide to moving your office is to say goodbye to old furniture that is only going to make your move more extensive and clutter your new space. If you are a hoarder and the thought of throwing something away disgusts you, there are other options! You can resell, donate, recycle or liquidate your old furniture. One man’s trash is another’s treasure.

Schedule Ahead

If you know that your office moving day is at the end of June, it may be a good idea to contact the utility company in May to ensure that the electricity and water will be working when you do move. Preparation is key.

Label Boxes

This simple tip can end up saving you and your coworkers hours deciphering what box contents go where. Organization is a major key to success whenever moving offices. Something as simple as creating a system of numbering or coloring to establish what boxes go where in the office can save you so much time and stress.

Remove Files and Paperwork from File Cabinets

Whether your important files are actually in filing cabinets or stored somewhere else is irrelevant. The point is that whatever confidential, important, or sensitive files that are in your office should be given special attention in the moving process. You wouldn’t want to lose an important document or a whole folder of important documents during this process. Find somewhere safe for these guys to avoid strife down the road.


No matter what kind of industry you’re in, you are bound to have computers or some basic level of technology. One of the biggest fears companies have when moving is how their IT equipment will be handled. Not only are these assets expensive, but they are essential to your company’s ability to work. It’s a good idea to use zip ties to keep all cords under wraps and bubble wrap to provide protection.

Don’t Leave Your Stuff Unsupervised

When moving day does come, it is essential to be there. This will allow you to have control over the situation and provide management or answers if something goes wrong. Facilitation during the moving process is a good way to make sure that your stuff makes it to your new home safely.

Get Your Camera Ready

We highly recommend taking pictures of your old office as well as your new office. This will not only help you plan where to put things, but it acts as a kind of “evidence” of what you had in case you have a hunch that something went missing. Hopefully, you won’t have any damage to your things, but if you do during the moving process pictures always act as a good way to ensure proper compensation.

Keep Clients/Customers in the Know

This is one of the most important steps in our 12-step guide to moving your office. If customers try reaching you at your old office and fall short, they may become extremely frustrated. Communication with your customers is an essential part of your office move.

Moving Your Office With The Quality Group

If you choose The Quality for Your Next Business Relocation, you won’t have to stress about the moving process. Our team will ensure that every step of your move runs smoothly, guaranteed. Our last step in our 12-step guide to moving your office? Choose The Quality Group. Contact us today to get more information about our capabilities.